3 Spring Nail Art Trends To Try

Spring is finally here, and we are so excited to wear bright and happy colors to match it! Here are three cute nail art trends to try for spring that are sure to brighten up your mood whenever you look down at your nails!




Turning the classic old french manicure into something new is something that can be seen everywhere at the moment! And the good thing is: they don't have to be super straight and perfect, so you don't need to be a pro to create these! Just grab your fave colors and go for it!


These green and gold tips using Sublime and Golden Hour by @glittr are so fun, and to top it all off, she used Her Matte-jesty matte topcoat!


@manicure.d decided to go with a different color for every nail and we are loving it! She used our shades Son Of A Beach (pictured), Peek-a-blue and Lilac It for this mani.


Another idea is to create rainbow tips on every nail! Just use a small brush and paint your way up like @glittr did here using In A Haze (pictured), Son Of A Beach, Bubblegum and Lemonade.



Sounds like a given, but florals are not only fun but also super easy to create. And what is more spring than some beautiful, colorful flowers? You can create them in so many ways and they look far more difficult than they actual are to paint. Here are some super cute examples!


These pink roses over Empower-mint by @paulinaspassions are so delicate and pretty!


@kuypernailart painted these daisies as an accent to her purple In A Haze mani!


These stunning floral tips over negative space by @megtannahill are such an amazing idea! For the solid colored nails she used our pastel pink Sugar Spun.



Animal prints are always fun, and adding some color makes it even more fun! The great thing about it is that is looks cool with any color, so here are a few different options for a colorful leopard print manicure!


This bright neon leopard print manicure using Sublime by @glittr can be easily worn in spring, but would make an amazing summer manicure, too! 


@_luringlacquer_ went with a combo of our pastel pink Sugar Spun and gold for this leopard print, which looks so elegant and pretty - this pattern doesn't always have to be a crazy party, depending on the colors you choose!


@shannasnailadventures took it one step further and went with a purple on purple leopard print using Lilac It, including purple gradient dots - how cool! 



Will you be trying any of these nail art trends for spring?


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