5 Essential Oils To Help Your Skin

Learn how to treat common skin issues with these 5 essential oils with our guest blogger Sania!



There are no better organic products for skin and hair than essential oils. Application of oil on the skin seems a little odd, especially when your skin already feels greasy and full of issues. However, there are some amazing oils that consist of properties to heal, soothe and even mattify the skin.

I did not realize the value of face oils until I got myself some argan oil that is known for its amazing benefits for hair and skin. Therefore, I would suggest you to try out some of the essential oils I have mentioned below and make sure you go for the one that would suit your skin type.

So, read through and thank me later!


Olive Oil (The Hydrating Bomb)

All of you who have extremely dry skin and want to get rid of the patches of dryness all over their face and lips; olive oil is the one for you. It is intensively moisturizing and can soften the hardest of the skin. You can also apply it to your cracked heels and wear socks overnight to get them softened.


Argan Oil (Holy Grail for Aging Skin)

Argan oil is the most famous oil around the globe and is used by renowned spas and salons. It is full of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E that together benefit the skin greatly. The regular use of this oil can revamp your skin and make it firmer than ever. It is also best for those with oily skin as it is non-greasy. Make it a part of your skin care routine and apply it as a moisturizer after you use a deep cleansing face mask for your skin.


Rose Hip Seed Oil (The Cure for Scars)

This oil has an incredible healing power. It does not only heal the scars and damaged skin cells but also soothe the pain and inflammation. The fatty acids and vitamin C present in the oil do not only regenerate the skin cells but also make the skin much more radiant and clearer than ever.

Grape Seed Oil (Regulator of Oil Production)

Are you tired of taking blotting papers around to remove the excess oil from your skin? Grape seed oil can undoubtedly be a game changer for you. It regulates the production of natural oils on the skin and keeps the pH levels maintained. Not only that, the Vitamin C present in it promotes the natural glow on the skin as well. You can use it as a primer for your makeup to prevent your skin from getting greasy afterwards.


Tea Tree Oil (Spot Treatment)

If you are looking for a product that works like a charm for acne and its scars, tea tree oil is the one you need to get your hands on. It is highly effective and can treat the severe acne issues as well. Plus, the best part is that it is 100% organic with zero side-effects.


About the author: Sania is a student of accounts and finance.She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.


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