5 Food Blogs To Follow



If you're like us and your obsessed with food, then you're constantly browsing the amazing recipes food bloggers share on Pinterest, Instagram and their blogs, taking screenshots so you can remember what ingredients to buy on your way home. Just in case you need some more inspiration, we wanted to share some of our favorite food blogs with you today! There's a bit of everything, so whether you're looking for vegan or vegetarian recipes, breakfast or sweet treats, hearty pleasures or quick dinners, we've got you covered!


Alphafoodie | Samira Kazan



Not only are Samira’s pictures visually extremely pleasing,

as she cuts her fruit into the coolest shapes and arranges

it with flowers, but she makes the most amazing

breakfast recipes you’ve ever seen!




Faring Well | Jessie Snyder










Jessie has a great range of recipes that are whole foods and

plant based, hold something for everyone and aren’t too complicated

to make! She also includes interesting links with some of her recipes that

always lead you somewhere cool!




The Broken Bread | Kristan Raines



Kristan has her recipes sorted by season, which is super convenient!

The dishes she shares are anything but boring and really interesting

takes on classics. Definitely something to check out!





Fuss Free Cooking | Emily Tan



If you’re like us and you don’t want to spend ages in the kitchen making

dinner after a long day, but are still craving something delicious, Emily

delivers some amazing, easy recipes for whipping up some mouth-watering





My Baking Addiction | Jamie



If you want the full on sugar rush, Jamie provides you with a great variety

of incredible recipes for baking your way to the dentist – allll the guilty

pleasures in one place, we like!




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