5 small ways to make an environmental difference

Instead of making the usual new year's resolutions that we - let's be honest - very rarely stick to, why not try and change some habits for the new year that will benefit not only you, but the whole planet, too? Here are some really easy steps you can take that will really make a difference:



It's 2020 guys, literally everything can be digitalized! Use a digital calendar for events and share it with your partner or family. Unsubscribe to any catalogs (you are definitely also receiving the e-mail newsletter anyway, aren't you?) and add a 'no junk mail' sticker to your letterbox. You can take notes on your phone when you need to and afterwards directly send them to someone if necessary. There are also so many apps to organize your life, there is hardly an excuse to use unnecessary amounts of paper for anything, really.



This really is the simplest step you can take to help reduce all the plastic waste that is filling up the land and oceans: pack reusable shopping bags when you go out to get your food, keep a to go cup in your car or bag (like this pretty glass one for example) and treat yourself to some reusable straws - there are so many ways to cut down on the amount of waste we create! If you want to surprise yourself, sit down and make a list of your average day and in which situations you are using single use plastic - we promise you'll be surprised how often you do without really thinking about it! Try to find alternatives for these single use items and incorporate them into your every day life.



So many clothes are produced every year and many of them are only worn for a really short amount of time because trends pass or the quality is bad. Best case: unwanted clothes are passed on to someone else who needs them, worst case: they end up in landfills. The energy that goes into producing cheap clothing is insane! Try to consider if you really need a new item of clothing and if you do, make sure to do your research on how the brand manufactures their clothes, if the quality is good and will last you a long time and if this is only a trendy piece you'll wear for one season or for years to come. 



Go by foot or bike, which also brings the added bonus of getting some fresh air. If you can't, go by public transport. In this case you could get some reading or work done on the way, which you couldn't if you were driving yourself. And let's be honest, who wants to be stuck in traffic anyway? There is no worse way to waste an hour (or even hours) of your life..



Instead of buying from big chains and throwing money at a huge and wasteful industry, try to shop with small businesses and support your locals. Go to the farmers market for your weekly shop (bonus points for bringing your own produce bags!) and invest in organic food. This may be a bit more pricey, but will make all the difference in the long run. Not only for the people selling it, but for you and your own health too, as you'll be avoiding GMOs and toxic pesticides when consuming your food.


How will you be making an environmental difference this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Ivana on Jan 14, 2020

    I decided not to buy any clothes this year, because I have it plenty. I do this for environment, not financial reason, although it’s good to save some money too. I will do 30 wears challenge. That means I’ll wear every piece of clothing at least 30 times before I throw it out or donate. Also, since I’m huge book reader, I will use local library for books or buy kindle ( e-reader) edition. Greetings from Croatia!

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