All About Nail Care

Our hands are exposed to so much every day, we use them for just about anything – typing, carrying things, manual labor and of course they help us keep our balance in public transportation! We wash them constantly and may use loads of hand sanitizer too, which can lead to dryness and dead skin.

If you paint your nails a lot they are also exposed to nail polish remover and acetone which dry out our cuticles, and nothing can dull the shine of a gorgeous mani more than sad looking cuticles!


We asked some awesome nail artists from the Instagram community to tell us about their best tips and tricks and favorite products to keep their manis and hands looking pretty and here is what they said!


If you’re in a rush:

‘If you haven't got time for anything else, at least make time for hand cream, try and pay particular care in rubbing plenty into your cuticles! My fave hand cream at the moment is Opi Avojuice in Jasmine! It smells LUSH, soaks in quickly, and leaves my hands feeling soft and hydrated, but not greasy! Important when you're on the go!‘

-Debbie from @ladyandthe_stamp


For a luxurious nail care routine:

‘When I really want to dedicate some time to my hands and nails, I give them a good file and buff, then massage some cuticle oil into my cuticles and gently push them back using an orange wood stick. To finish off, I use some hand cream and also massage this into my cuticles. My favorite cuticle oil is by Glisten&Glow in her signature scent Sangria White Peach – it smells divine!’

-Amy, via E-Mail


For especially dry cuticles and some general nail care musts:

‘My nails are always so dry from all the acetone, so I constantly apply Burts Bees lemon cuticle cream and Essie's apricot cuticle oil!

Also, practice good hygiene, use clean tools, push your cuticles back instead of cutting them and always have a protective layer of polish on to keep them from breaking!’

-Melissa from @melcisme


When you need a really good base coat to protect your nails:

‘I don't think I could live without Duri Rejuvacote. I use it as my base for almost every mani and it not only keeps my nails long but strong, which of course prevents breaks. I highly recommend it to everyone, whether they're just starting their nail care journey (for example after removing acrylics, like I did) or generally suffer from brittle, weak nails.

-Autumn from @justagirlandhernails


If you want to give your hands a special treat:

‘If I really want to pamper myself, I do a proper soak of my hands and nails using a mani bomb! My favorite ones are from KB Shimmer

-Jess, via E-Mail


Only use the best tools:

‘The best nail files I have tried are glass nail files! They are amazing and I feel like my nails don’t break as much as they used to. They are much more gentle but just as effective (if not even better!) than regular files. Try one, you’ll love it!’

-Nicole, via E-Mail



We have been working on our own nail care product and just released our new cuticle oil! Containing only a few necessary ingredients, it’s something you can easily grab for to moisturize your cuticles and keep them healthy and happy!


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