Beachy Step by Step Summer Nail Art

Today we have an amazing summer nail art tutorial by the lovely Carolina from @nailsanatomy featuring some of our bright summer shades! See how Carolina created this cute summer skittle mani step by step!



Paint all of your nails with a different, summery shade to create that fun skittle look. Carolina used two coats of Breezy, Lemonade, Peach Please and Bubblegum for this mani. She then smoothed them out with one layer of topcoat before moving on to the next step.



Carolina will show you how she created the designs on each nail by showing you a step by step on her middle nail, which is painted with a base of Lemonade



Using a thin brush and black acrylic paint, draw the outlines of the shape you want on to your nail. In this close up Carolina drew a cute little ice cream cone. If you have a hard time just starting to paint, look the shape you're wanting to paint up online and refer to your picture for guidance. Using acrylic paint for this step is a little easier than using polish as you have more control over fine lines. If you're not comfortable doing this freehand at all, you can always stamp the outline on instead.

Here are the outlines of all the shapes Carolina decided to paint or her nails. They don't need to be too perfect, as you can retrace them after adding the color inside the lines.



Next, fill in your shape with color. Carolina used the same colors from her mani to keep it cohesive, but you could go with any colors you like of course. Again, you can use acrylic paint or polish for this step. If you want to use polish, Carolina recommends mixing the nail polish with some polish thinner in a separate dish for this, as this will make the application easier.



Add some details. Carolina added some texture to the waffle and sprinkles to the ice cream here - super cute! Then she retraced the outlines again where they needed to be touched up.

And here are the finished, filled in shapes! Add your top coat when everything has dried and you have your summer mani ready to go!


 Will you be trying this cute summer mani?

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