Best Road Trips in the US

When you think of summer vacations do you imagine exploring new places, meeting new people, and getting those perfect, gram-worthy shots? Have you considered doing all of those awesome things by way of road trip? All you need to do is grab a few friends, gas up, and hit the open road! Read more to find out what 5 road trips are considered among the best in the US!


Overseas Highway – Miami to Key West


Taking Route 1 through the Florida Keys is a short road trip but best done over the span of a few days! You’ll cross over 42 bridges, including the 7 Mile Bridge, before ending up in Key West – the southern-most part of the US. Beautiful turquoise waters align the entire route and the best parts of this trip are all the stops you can make along the way on each island. Enjoy the beaches and laid-back lifestyle of the Keys and don’t forget to try the conch fritters and key lime pie!


Alaska Highway – Alaska


If you want to see both awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife, the historic Alaska Highway is the road trip for you! You’ll actually start in British Columbia and wind your way through the Yukon Territory all the way to Fairbanks in this 1500-mile trip. You can visit the Liard River Hot Springs for a dip, the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake to leave your mark, cross the Continental Divide, and take in the amazing mountains, glaciers, and icefields at Kluane National Park & Reserve. Extend your drive from Fairbanks to Anchorage and stop at the Denali National Park, home to the highest peak in North America!


Pacific Coast Highway – California


A stunning scenic route in the US is along the California coast between San Francisco and San Diego. Experience views of incredible beaches, cliffs, rocky coves, and valleys with plenty of awesome attractions – the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Sur, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and the Hollywood Sign, to name a few – in between. You will definitely want to plan a good amount of time to fit it all in. And if you start your trip north of San Francisco on Route 101 at the Redwood Forest you can see some the oldest and tallest living things on Earth!


Blue Ridge Parkway – Virginia to North Carolina


The most visited road controlled by the US National Parks System is the one that connects the Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains. Start your route at the pristine Shenandoah forests, and along the way visit the Luray Caverns and its breathtaking stalactites, stalagmites, and columns, the fascinating Natural Bridge Park with its nature-made rock formation, the natural slip-n-slide at Sliding Rock, and of course the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. Spend your time experiencing the culture, traditions, and history of the Appalachia and Cherokee in this 469-mile trip!


Route 66 – Illinois to California


Can’t forget the original road trip that started them all! Route 66 is an infamous stretch of highway that extends cross-country from Chicago to Santa Monica, running through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Along your route, you will see many quirky yet historical sites from cafes, to bridges, to gas stations all baring the Route 66 Sign. Want to head off the beaten path? We totally recommend driving north of Route 66 while in Arizona to see the magnificent Grand Canyon! 


Will you be taking any road trips this summer? We want to hear all about them below!

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