Earth Day 2021 - what can I do?

This year’s theme for Earth Day is Restore Our Earth, so in honor of our beautiful planet we wanted to share a few things to appreciate about it as well as some tips on how you can help to make a positive impact and to protect it.
 If you have a day with nothing on your agenda whatsoever, why not do something to help the environment rather than doing the same thing you did the last time you had a day off - which was probably not much, right? Especially with the current pandemic, you may have more time on your hands than usual due to a number of different reasons. We promise it'll make you feel better to do something important rather than spend another day binging Netflix and feeling meh.
If you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry, we have some ideas!
If you live near a beach, you could participate in a coastal clean-up day where you can also meet and bond with new people while taking precautions and keeping your distance. Of course you can also just go to your favorite beach for a walk and pick up trash while you’re there anyway!
A great organization to generally look into for more information on our oceans and how to keep them clean is Project Aware 
Fortunate enough to have a garden? Maybe you could do some work on it and plant some new trees and flowers, so animals like bees have a safe place to be!
And if you don’t have these opportunities and/or you’re feeling super lazy (or just have a guilty conscience…), you can of course also just make a donation to an eco-friendly charity. Here are some great charities you can donate to: 
Another lazy but great way to make a difference is to use the search engine Ecosia instead of your current one and plant trees with your searches!
Earth Day is the most well-known day for environmental awareness, but did you know there are loads more? For example, there is Global Recycling Day on March 18th, World Water Day on March 22nd and World Ocean Day on June 8th to name just a few. You can find all kinds of environmental awareness days here.
 Why not add them to your calendar and try to make some kind of contribution when they come around? 

Fun fact: did you know we have been celebrating Earth Day since 1970?

There are also other simple things you can change in your everyday life that can help our planet. The simplest ones are making the switch to reusable products like rechargeable batteries, reusable water bottles and reusable grocery bags.
Another way is to try to buy locally grown food whenever possible and to buy clothes second hand – it's like treasure hunting and you’ll be sure to find some amazing and unique items! There are also a lot of brands out there that make their products using recycled plastic, so those are great alternatives as well. 
Still don’t know where to start? Why not look into what your favorite celebrity does for the environment and get inspired by them!
If you dig a little deeper, chances are you'll find out many celebrities are vegetarians or vegans and enjoy a plant-based diet! So if they can do it, maybe you can, too? Many also use their celebrity status for great causes and have created sustainable brands that you can shop, like for example Jessica Alba’s personal care and make up brand Honest, which is organic and ethically-made.
 Do you feel like any small changes you make in your everyday life would not make an overall difference for our earth? If we all thought like that, of course nothing would change. But if we all made little changes, we can absolutely make a big difference! If you feel like you don’t know what kind of impact your changes would make or if what you're already doing is making a change at all, check out these fun websites:
How many planets would we need if everyone lived like you? Think you’re actually doing quite ok already? See how big your ecological footprint really is with this quiz by the Global Footprint Network:
This National Geographic quiz is all about testing your knowledge on green living – are the things you’re doing really more environmentally friendly than the alternative? 
The Earth Day Website has a bunch of cool tests on environmental knowledge, test yourself to see what you actually know about our planet!
You’re a vegetarian? Awesome! Missing the meat? Check out this calculator and see how many animal lives and resources you have already saved to give yourself a motivational boost to keep going! 
You’re a vegan? Even more amazing, you’re our favorite kind of person! There’s a calculator that shows how much you’ve saved too: 
Still need that final push to remind yourself how amazing this earth you live on actually is? You don’t even have to have travelled to experience it’s greatness or the simple pleasures it brings! Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of amazing things our planet provides for us that you just can’t deny are just pure bliss:
The smell and sound of rain
Sunsets and sunrises
Spring flowers blooming after the winter
The first snow of the season
Stepping on crunchy leaves
The feeling of sand beneath your toes
The sun warming your face
waves at the beach
the calmness of a lake
warm summer nights
Fresh fruit
…and there are so many more! So let’s all try together and protect our wonderful earth!

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