Fall Nail Art Tutorial

Today we have Ashely from @the_polished_life showing us how to create this cute fall stamping mani for all you PSL lovers! If you're as excited as we are for fall nail art, this is the perfect way to dive in! Over to Ashley! 



Pick out your colors of choice. I chose Bare Minimum, Nude Attitude and Same Old Love.


Step 2

Paint a base coat and one coat of the lightest color (Nude Attitude) and add a top coat to seal it in. 


Step 3

Make sure to use protection. It gets messy Emoji


Step 4

Have two stampers handy that you don't mind getting messed up by polish (Here's a picture of mine for example. They have seen quite a few smooshy nails in their life haha!)


Step 5

Use your brush to add drops each color on to one of the stamper.


Step 6

Smoosh the two stampers together. If you roll the stampers as your smooshing it creates a beautiful design.


Step 7

Use one of the stampers and smoosh it straight on to your nail.


Step 8

If you had a lot of polish on the stamper sometimes it can get into your cuticles. Go a head and use a clean up brush and some nail polish remover and clean up before you remove the nail tape. It will make life so much easier. Once you are done go ahead and remove the nail tape. You may still have some minimal clean up.


Step 9

Seal with a top coat and enjoy your creation. 


Step 10

10. Reapply nail tape to prevent stamping on the skin.


Step 11

Choose your image from your stamping plate. I used Uber Chic Hello Fall & Pumpkin Spice Plate.



Step 12

Apply your stamping polish and scrap it over the image. 


Step 13

Pick up your image using a nail stamper. I use a rolling motion in the opposite direction of how I scrape the image. 


Step 14

Remove images you don't want on your stamper by using tape.


Step 15

Align your image how you want it on your nail and press the stamper on your nail to transfer the image. 


Step 16

Add your top coat of choice and you're beautiful mani is complete! 



We are in love with this cute stamping mani, will you be trying this for fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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