Fourth of July Nails - Pastel Edition!

Hey everyone, it's Shanna from @glittr - 10 polish points if you still remember me from back in the day on Instrgram, I know I've been quiet there.. ;) 


But the Fourth of July is coming up, and who can resist a themed mani? Not even me!
Independence Day usually means red, white and blue everything! But if like me, you're a little over the traditional colors, or they're just not your thing, this pastel version might be a bit more up your street!


I went with Sugar Spun, Peek-a-blue and Silver Linings to create a super simple mani, I promise ANYONE can do this nail art, it's that simple! Here are the steps:



Step 1

I started out with a blank canvas and one coat of base coat.



Step 2

I then painted my index and middle finger (and thumb, even though it won't make an appearance here) with two coats of Peek-a-blue, my ring finger with Silver Linings and my pinky with Sugar Spun - of course I left some drying time in between the two coats.



Step 3:

Since I wanted to keep this super simple, I didn't bother with striping tape or vinyls here and just painted some messy stripes over Sugar Spun using Silver Linings and a nail art brush - if you don't have one, you can just use the actual polish brush with very little polish on it to create the same effect.



Step 4

Also using Silver Linings, I then added some polka dots (my easy alternative to actual stars) with a dotting tool to the nails I painted with Peek-a-blue. If you don't have a dotting tool, you can just use a pencil or anything with a small tip at the end that creates a dot.



Step 5

I then added some glossy Topcoat and voilà - super simple Fourth of July mani done!



What mani will you be sporting this weekend? Are you going to stick with the traditional colors or go with a pastel version instead? Let us know in the comments!

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