Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Hi everyone! Elena here from @nailexperiments and I’m very excited to show you guys how to achieve this easy blood drip Halloween nail art in just a few easy steps - perfect for beginners! 

1: 2 coats of White Noise

2: Create the blood drips by dipping in one end of a bobby pin into Wine At Midnight. Use the bobby pin to create 3 dots in various places, take a little bit of pressure off and drag upwards.

3: Using a nail art detail brush, fill in the cuticle area with Wine At Midnight to connect the drips. Feel free to fix any imperfections from the prior step within this step.

4: To kick things up a notch and for some added depth, apply a black nail polish mixed with Wine At Midnight using a nail art detail brush at the bottom of the drip.

5: Lastly, seal in with top coat.


I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and have found it to be a rather easy look to achieve. Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated and can be done with just a few handy tools! If you enjoyed this look and end up recreating it, please tag me on Instagram so I can share and show you some love!

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