Halloween Stamping Tutorial

Today's guest post is by Ruth from @ohnoitsruthio who will be showing you how to create this cool, stamped Halloween graveyard mani!



Hi, my name is Ruth and I'm a nail stampaholic! I share my nail stamping designs on Instagram & YouTube


I was recently sent the heroine.nyc Dream Cremes polishes for review, and got to work creating nail designs to my hearts content.

These polishes are some of the best pastel creams I have ever tried! They make nail art so easy and pretty!
Today I'll be sharing how to create this spooky, stamped Halloween mani - I hope this is a helpful how-to for beginners.
I start out by prepping my nails with a base colour - this time a dark grey (Illamasqua - DWS). I will also use my favourite black stamping polish (Painted Polish - Midnight Mischief).


 Once two coats of base colour are nearly dry (still slightly tacky), I get my stamping stuff ready. 
Apply a generous amount (roughly one drop) of polish to the chosen image, gently swipe once or twice with a scraper (to remove the surface excess), then quickly roll the stamper across the image to pick it up onto the silicone surface. It should look something like this -
You can see I am using a clear stamper - which means placing the image is easy-peasy! Mine is a generic one which I purchased from eBay.


I have decided to put these pale-blue gravestones in the background of the nail like so (just pressing it into place, straight down) -
You might be wondering how to reverse stamp? (Also known as making stamping decals.) Well, simply repeat the same steps as before -

Then use small amounts of the Dream Cremes polishes (on a nail art dotting tool, small nail art brush, or even the tip of a hairpin in a pinch), to colour-in the image. Using a clear stamper means you can check you're staying within the lines by looking up through the bottom!


When you're finished, it should look something like this -
My camera has made each colour look white, but here I in fact used Lilac It, Empower-mint, and Sugar Spun. With reverse stamping, I find the trick is to let your image dry 90% on the stamper head (usually 60 seconds or so), then press down directly onto the nail to apply. If you mess up the timing, you could smudge the image - then you'll have to start all over again. So, be patient!
The possibilities are pretty much endless! Here is a finished set of 5 nails - ready for creepy Halloween festivities! 

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a happy and horrible Halloween! 

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