Goodbye winter. Hello spring!

Are your spring wardrobe and white sneakers still tucked away in your closet? Time to dust them off and get them ready to wear – spring is just around the corner! Be prepared to trade dark winter polishes for bright spring nail colors and brighten up your whole look. We’ve selected our favorite shades to get you excited for the first sunny days: let’s drop all the winter tones for cool spring nail colors and get painting!
Blush Babe
Welcome spring with this perfect shade of blush, reminding us of cherry blossoms.
Lilac IT
When you can smell the lilacs, it's suddenly spring. This pastel purple nail polish will be sure to become your new fave!
Royal Blood
Finally blue skies and blue nails with this exciting shade of cobalt
This nail polish loves the limelight. Stand out from the crowd with this stunning tangy neon lime green polish.
When the flowers start to bloom, love is in the air. Especially when you are wearing this shade.
Yellow is the perfect color for good vibes and sunshine!
Are you ready for spring and to shop your fave shades?

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