heroine.nyc turns 3!

Can you believe heroine.nyc is three years old this week?!
In honor of our birthday on Saturday, we wanted to do a little recap of the past three years. It's been an amazing ride and we can't wait to see what the future holds!


-- Starting Out --

For our launch in 2016 we had to start out with a collection of polishes that would grab peoples attention, contain some awesome colors as well as the basics: the Debut Collection was born!



We were blown away by the amazing support we received on Instagram and from the nail art community, everyone loved the neons and gorgeous pictures with the polishes in use were popping up daily - we could not have wished for a better start!





-- Community Love --

It was important to us to not just launch another nail polish brand, but to be able to create something amazing, involving people in the whole process of it. That's why, among other things, we decided to leave the naming to our community, having them leave their suggestions in the comment sections and choose the names for each shade. It was such a success and still is to this day! Every time a new collection comes around, we get most excited about the naming, everyone is so involved and creative and the coolest names are found every time.



-- Saying NO to animal cruelty --

Under no circumstances did we want to use any ingredients in our products that had been tested on animals. It took a while to sort everything out, find the right manufacturer and to make sure everything was up to our standards, but this was something we were not going to compromise on. We were so happy to receive our certifications from the Leaping Bunny and PETA and have made the commitment to never violate this promise. How would we look our own furry friends in the eye if we ever did?!


-- Giving Back --

Another thing that was important to us when starting this brand was that we wanted to be able to give back. 

To support our decision to be cruelty-free and vegan, we picked an organization that was suggested to us by one of you: the Beagle Freedom Project. Each month we wanted to give part of the net profits to an organization that does an amazing job and who could really use some support, and the BFP is just that. With every purchase you make with heroine.nyc, part of the money you spend is collected and given to the BFP in a monthly donation. Since we started supporting them, we have been giving regular updates about them on our blog. Read all about the BFP in this post explaining their mission in more detail or this post on their grand opening of the Rescue Outreach center and other amazing achievements they have been able to make with your and our help. 


 -- Breast Cancer Awareness --

In addition to our monthly donations to the BFP, we have also supported a few different causes over the past few years, raising money and awareness. But one we have been supporting since the start is breast cancer awareness. We have been partnering up with the NBCF for two years in a row now (click to see our posts from 2017 and 2018) and partnered with the BCRF in our first year, creating pink nail polish bundles and sets of which 100% were given directly to both causes, helping support breast cancer survivors and fighters. 

You bet there will be another collab this October!


 -- Blog traditions: meet the heroines! -- 

Another thing we established on our blog right from the start was our Meet A Heroine series, interviewing some of the awesome ladies we have worked with over the past three years to learn a bit more about them. These monthly posts are some of your faves, which makes us especially happy because we love them, too!



What do YOU want to read?

At the beginning of this year, in old heroine.nyc fashion, we did a survey on Instagram to ask you guys what you would like to see more of on the blog. We didn't just want to put up content, we wanted it to be more of what YOU want. The overall verdict was nail related content, so we started planning. Another thing you guys specifically loved, were the nail art tutorials, so we made sure to get some great ones up for you to follow step by step!


We always want to involve as much as we can, so keep your eyes open on all of our social media accounts (espeically Instagram) for questions! We always take you guys seriously and all of our past nail polish collections have been based on your ideas and suggestions!


-- Fan Faves! --

When the Dream Cremes launched, we never thought they would become such a favorite (even though we loved them from day one)! Up to this day they are our bestselling shades, have you picked up your set yet?!

Another absolute fave from the start has been Mean Girl - and we have to admit it is a stunner!


We wanted to thank everyone who has supported heroine.nyc in the past three years from the bottom of our hearts! If you've been there since day 1, joined sometime along the journey or just found us recently, if it's your 10th or your first order, we love all of you!



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