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As you know making charitable contributions is an important part of what we do at heroine.nyc. And with every single polish purchased, part of the proceeds is donated directly to the Rescue + Freedom Project! Thanks to your help and the help of fellow philanthropists, the RFP has been able to take some amazing steps forward in their mission!



There has been a lot of progress this year with what the RFP has done for the lives of animals who are tested in labs all over the world. In April, with the Rescue + Freedom Project’s help, Maryland became the 7th state to pass the Beagle Freedom Law, which allows all animals who have been experimented on to get a second chance at a real life with a loving family. And in June, Delaware and Rhode Island became the 8th and 9th states to end the practice of automatic death for “research” cats and dogs. The RFP was also instrumental in the recent passing of the Puppy and Kitten Safety Net Bill in California which allows dogs and cats under the age of 8 to forgo the three-day waiting period in a shelter to a longer period that allows them to be placed in a rescue organization or fostered.



Along with all of the lobbying the RFP does, they are continuously saving the lives of hundreds of animals as well as helping with the adoption and placement of all animals into loving homes. Their mission has always been to help animals suffering in captivity and give them a chance at freedom.


On September 29th, the Rescue + Freedom Project will be celebrating the grand opening of its first sanctuary center, the Rescue + Outreach Center, with the Celebration of Survival Charity Event! They will be hosting 250 supporters to meet some of the animal survivors, tour the new facility, and hold silent and live auctions to which proceeds will fund the center and future rescues! If you’re in or near Augoura Hills, California and would like to attend, you can get your ticket here!


No matter where you are, you can always support the Rescue + Freedom Project by adopting through them here or donating directly here!

All pictures belong to Rescue + Freedom Project. Follow their Instagram account for updates and more cute pics here!

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