Meet a Heroine: Elena from @langolodeglismalti

Your real name and Instagram handle?

My name is Elena, you can find me on IG as @langolodeglismalti  (which means “nail polish corner” in Italian!)

Where are you from?

I am from Italy :)

What got you into doing nails?

When I was a teenager I used to think that nails could be just red, black and nude – so I found them a little boring. But one day my mum bought me a green nail polish as a present: that made me discover a world of colorful nail polishes, and it was just the beginning! I started growing my own collection, I found amazing brands and a huge community and now I love all my colorful little bottles!

Your favorite kind of nail art design to do?

Definitely nail stamping, especially floral designs. I’m terrible at freehand!



A nail polish shade you couldn’t live without?

Blue is definitely my go-to shade, followed by green and purple :D


Other nail artist(s) you admire?

@themermaidpolish, @redheadnails, @serpentine13 and @glitterfingersss are some of my favorites! Also, I have a strong admiration for all my Italian nail buddies @zaya_nails, @doyouspeaknailpolish, @nellemiemani, @my_apawcalypse, @nailartbybensa, @manumanufatti, @upadaisynails, @_a_d_r_y_, @gingletree_ and @mdollasnails, which are not only great nail artists but also special friends!

What do you like to do besides nail art?

I am what can be considered a “geek”: I love board games and games in general, computer science (in my past I also studied as a programmer) and books (especially the Sci-Fi ones!). Also, I kinda enjoy playing music, traveling and visiting historic and naturalistic sites.

What is something you are trying to improve this year?

About nails: I would like to post more often, and I am planning to make a comeback on my blog as well, which I had to pause for some months. About life: I’m trying to be more sporty, fit and healthy – which is quite hard for me since I am very lazy!



What is your fave hack when it comes to doing nails?

I don’t know if it really counts as a hack, but for me a good clean up is really something that makes the difference. I usually do it after applying top coat and I use a very thin brush (like the ones you use for tiny details in nail arts) dipped in a strong nail polish remover. This way I feel I can obtain the best results from clean up.

Which is your favorite shade?

My favorite is definitely Space Cadet – I love the formula and how it reflects the light and glows from within! But Sublime has a special place in my heart too: it’s the most unique green I own!



Favorite Social Platform?

No doubt it’s Instagram!

Your other social handles?

Besides Instagram, I am mostly active on my blog L'Angolo degli Smalti

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  • Elena | L'Angolo degli Smalti on Sep 20, 2020

    It’s such a pleasure to be part of this initiative! Thank you so much for featuring me ❣️

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