Meet a Heroine: Gosia from @katten.nails



Your real name and Instagram handle:
Malgorzata @katten.nails


Where are you from?


What got you into doing nails?
That is a good one! My co-workers started their adventure with hybrid/gel nail polish (around 2 years ago) and it reminded me of the times I was doing nail art as a teenager. I decided to have different color and design on my nails every day at work - because why not. Then, I decided to share that passion on Instagram and pretty much this is how it started.


Your favorite kind of nail art design to do?
Many! Stamping, because it is the easiest once you get a hang of it. Watermarble and fluid nail art, because it looks amazing. Unfortunately takes a lot of time!


A nail polish shade you couldn’t live without?
Pink and nudes!


Other nail artist(s) you admire?
Many! But I always like to see the designs from @nailandcreate, @clairestelle8 and @paulinaspassions on my main feed! Outstanding creativity!


 What do you like to do besides nail art?
I love playing games! I like good strategy.


What would be your dream vacation destination? 
California beach, but dreaming of a tour around the world when I am retired, haha!



Favorite Social Platform?
Instagram, truly the only one I am active on with my nail adventure. Perhaps one day I will start creating YT videos to teach some tips and tricks.


Your other social handles:
None, ehh ;(

This or That?
Hot or Cold? Hot!
Spring or Fall? Spring
Beach or Snow vacation? Beach
Black or White? But as a background for nail art? Then white!
Cats or Dogs? Animal lover here, I have 3 cats right now but I had dogs too. Love both. There is no choosing between the two!
Crème or Glitter polish? Creme
Sweet or Sour? Sweet
Stay in or Go out? Stay in
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Halloween or Christmas? Christmas

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