Meet a Heroine: Katia from @nailsandtowel

Your real name and Instagram handle

 My name is Katia and my instagram is @nailsandtowel

Where are you from?

I am Lebanese. I was born in Brazil but I was raised in Colombia and currently living in Panama. Multicultural fest :)

What got you into doing nails?

I’ve always been into art in general but nails I used to paint every once in a while and for an extra touch I used to add a sticker. One day I found a very interesting neon pink nail polish so I decided to give it a try. When I went home and opened the bottle ready to paint my nails I noticed the brush was a very thin one, a striping brush. With my very little disappointment I wondered what could I do with this brush, so I painted a small flower. And that’s how it all started. I even went back to the store and bought more of those nail polish bottles with thin brushes. It became a hobby then a passion. So I transferred my love for art to my nails. I’ll always call them my little canvas.



Your favorite kind of nail art design to do? 

In terms of nail art I would say abstract art, galaxy nails and halloween designs. But one I truly enjoy doing is art out of the box where I include 3D elements or just paint more than just the nails. I feel like it lets my creativity flow. It’s unusual but super fun to do!
And since we are in this season I would like to share a free-handed sketched looking pumpkin nails. I loved this one.

A nail polish shade you couldn’t live without? 

All the shades of purple and burgundies! I just love these colors for everything. But I will always lean for the dark shades (any color), I feel like they suit my skin tone much better.

Other nail artist(s) you admire?

 Oh wow, there are so many they won’t fit in this list! I love and admire every single person I follow. Their talent is beyond amazing. Here are just a few of them:
Laura @laublm – Marta @manicure.d – Lexa @glitterfingersss – Emilia @polishpixie92

What do you like to do besides nail art?

 Drawing is one of my favorite things to do. But enjoying a good day at the beach or on top of the mountain away from everything is a pleasure. But when the wind hits hard and the sun blinds your camera, we get shots like this 😂..
So instead we, nail artists, take nailfies like this:

What has been something you tried to improve on this year?  

I think I’m trying to improve myself, as a person. The acceptance of my own self, since it has always been my biggest issue and the hardest topic to ever talk about. I always try to tell people they should love themselves as they are but is very very hard for me to take my own advice. I hope one day that can change.

How did you choose your Instagram handle?

When my passion for nails started I wanted a social media to start sharing my art. And instagram was becoming popular. I wanted nails and ‘something’ to share other things too but mainly nail art. I used to make these little animals with towel, and I was like nails-and-towel?? So it became my IG handle.




Which is your favorite shade?

From the ones I own my favorite has to be Wine At Midnight. Is the perfect red. Is vampy, is romantic, is dark, is empowering. Having this color on my nails makes me feel like I own the world 😆.

Favorite Social Platform?

Instagram, since I interact much more with friends and followers.

Your other social handles:

I have a youtube channel where, sometimes, when life allows me, I post tutorials :)
Youtube: NailsAndTowel
This or That?
Yes or No?
Matte or Glossy Mani?
Coffee or Tea?
Crème or Glitter polish?
Stay in or Go out?
Staying in
Spring or Fall?
Hot or Cold?
Neon or Nude?
Film or Book?

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