Meet A Heroine: Laura from @laublm

Your real name and Instagram handle:

Hi! Iʼm Laura Blanco Muñiz aka @laublm (yes, my IG name is just the abbreviation of my full name) and Iʼm a girl of 35 years (almost 36), married since 2012, and have a hairy son called "Piel".

Where are you from?

Iʼm from Asturias, a small region of northern Spain.

What got you into doing nails?

Until I was 25 years old I bit my nails (Iʼm an excessively nervous girl) until one day I decided that this should change. I wanted to see myself more beautiful and lively, so I bought a pink nail polish (I donʼt remember the name) from Illamasqua and then it became an addiction. At first, I only wanted pink nail polishes because it was my favorite color for nails, coming to hate it later due to my blood circulation problems that have caused my skin to be reddish.

Your favorite kind of nail art design to do?

Obsessed with gradients, and everyone who knows me knows it! In addition to being the technique with which I work fastest and which fascinates me most, itʼs what I think looks nicest on my nails.

Mean Girl, Sugar Spun, & Watch Me Sparkle

A nail polish shade you couldnʼt live without?

If I could only keep one nail polish from my entire collection, it would be Picture Polish "Dandelion", for all the emotional weight it represents. The opportunity to create it came in the darkest and saddest moment of my life and this provided light and illusion when I didnʼt have it. It was created thinking about my father, who died on May 10, 2016 suddenly - which was a shock for me, and three months later I created Dandelion. All my heart is in it.

Other nail artist(s) you admire?
There are so many that I don't know where to start! Because there are many talented girls here, Iʼll name some of which Iʼm always surprised by their nail art:

And many, many more!

What do you like to do besides nail art?

I love makeup, eating (my father was a cook and I enjoy eating a lot), traveling, snowboarding and Iʼm fascinated by the world of interior decoration.

What is a skill you would like to learn and why?

I would like to improve my freehand - to be able to unleash my imagination without limits (right now the limit is how bad I draw).

Favorite Social Platform?


Your other social handles:

Facebook - Laura - laublm

This or That?
YouTube or Netflix?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Drive or Fly?
Long nails or Short nails?
Short nails
Salty or Sweet?
Comedies or Thrillers?
Thrift shop or Designer?
Shy or Outgoing?
Batman or Superman?
Creme or holo?

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