Meet a Heroine: Marta from @manicure.d

Your real name and Instagram handle:

My name is Marta and my Instagram is @manicure.d 😊


Where are you from?

I'm from Portugal! 🇵🇹


What got you into doing nails?

Well I guess I first started by seeing my mom doing her nails. Back then I always wore the same color, which was very discreet! Until one day a friend of mine decided to do my nails with a hot pink (that idea didn't please me one bit back then 😂) but after she was done I loved it and started wearing different colors and looking more into nail art.


Your favorite kind of nail art design to do?

Absolutely love marble and floral designs!


A nail polish shade you couldn’t live without?

Is pastel a nail polish shade? 😁



Other nail artist(s) you admire?

Oh my there's so many 😅 I'll keep it short. @megtannahill, @laublm, @dimonsndprls, @redheadnails and @thenailartbabe are some of the accounts that always make me 😍


What do you like to do besides nail art?

I love photography! It's great that I get to combine two things that I love, do my nails and take/edit the pics 😊


If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would that be?

Hmm I don't have a specific place where I'd like to live...somewhere with warm weather and near the beach would be great tho!


Favorite Social Platform?

Instagram! 😄


Which is your favorite shade?

I wish I could pick more than one, I love all of the collections! But I'll have to go with Peach Please 😍



This or That?

Hot or Cold? Hot
Beach or Snow? Beach
Black or White? Black
Cats or Dogs? Both! 😍
Creme or Glitter polish? Glitter
Fizzy or still water? Fizzy
Sweet or Sour? Sweet
Stay in or Go out? Stay in 😴
Coffee or Tea? Can't live without both!
Spring or Fall? Spring 🌸

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