Meet A Heroine: Mel from @caramellogram

Your real name and Instagram handle:



Where are you from?

Born and raised in Canada!



What got you into doing nails?

I used to love painting my nails as a child, but then stopped for a while because I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish in school. One summer, I tried newspaper nail art and that’s when I fell in love with nail art and started to paint my nails on the weekend and then I shared them on Instagram.



Your favorite kind of nail art design to do?

I love trying new techniques, but lately, I’ve been loving freehand nail art, reverse stamping, and simple designs.


A nail polish shade you couldn’t live without?

Blue and turquoise polishes!  



Other nail artist(s) you admire?

There are so many amazing nail artists that I admire! I love the nail art community on Instagram, and just to name a few: @vics_nails @urbannailart @nailsanatomy @25sweetpeas @truenailfanatic @nail_art_by_tal @paulinaspassions @nbnailart



What do you like to do besides nail art?

I love to swim, travel, play boardgames, solve puzzles, and spend time with family :)



What was something you tried to improve on this year? Did you achieve it? 

I’d like to challenge myself to try new things, whether that’s a new nail art technique, a new hobby/skill, or a new experience. During quarantine, I tried a few new nail art techniques, and seeing so many creative designs from the nail art community was so inspiring.



What is your fave hack when it comes to doing nails?

My favourite hack is to use a sticky or rubberized base coat before stamping. Especially when doing reverse stamping, I like to wait until the image is almost completely dry to avoid smooshing, but sometimes, if the polish is too dry, it doesn’t stick that well to the nail unless I use a sticky base coat right before stamping the image onto my nail.

Which is your favorite shade?

My favourite shade that I’ve tried is GOLD DIGGER. It’s the perfect champagne-gold holographic glitter polish that doesn’t need to be sponged on for full opacity. Plus, I love that I can wear it two different ways—without a top coat for a matte textured finish or with a top coat for a glossy shine.



Favorite Social Platform?


Your other social handles:

YouTube (caramellogram)


This or That?

Crème or Glitter polish? Crème
Matte or Glossy Mani? Glossy
YouTube or Netflix? YouTube
Stay in or Go out? Stay in
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Halloween or Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving
Hot or Cold? Cold
Netflix or YouTube? YouTube
Flying or driving? Flying

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