Meet a Heroine: Elena from @nailexperiments

Your real name and Instagram handle?
My real name is Elena and be can found on Instagram @nailexperiments


Where are you from?
I’m from Canada, more precisley Toronto, Ontario and love my city! Both of my parents were born and raised in Italy, so I have Italian roots and very proud of them!


What got you into doing nails?
Ah, I love this question! I’ve always been an ‘artsy’ tyoe of person and felt happiest when I was doing something creative. I started following nail art tutorials from the YouTube channel Cutepolish, as she has so many amazing beginner friendly nail art tutorials. I started experimenting on my own nails and quickly fell in love with doing nail art! I wasn’t all that good in the begining but with determination and practice over the years, I’ve defintely amped my skills. Before getting heavily into doing my own nails, I used to get them professionally done at salons. Me being the picky person I am, I would always find flaws and re-paint them when I got home. My journey into experimenting with my own nails and playing around with nail art eventually turned into a career. I was fed up working jobs that didn’t make me happy and knew doing nails professionaly would allow me to be my happiest in a working enviornment!


Your favorite nail art design to do?
Ah, that’s a tough question considering I have a love for various designs! What makes me feel most ‘me’ is when I do femenine patterns such as lace, flowers and russian type swirls.


A nail polish shade you couldn’t live without?
This may sound depressing, but I’m going to have to say black. There’s just something about glossy black nails that win's my heart over everytime!



Other nail artist(s) you admire?
Inspiration is everywhere and I follow a ton of very talented artists on social media! My first huge inspiration was Cutepolish, as she made (still makes) nail art so easy and non frustrating.


One of your all-time favorite manicures you have ever done?
I do have a few, but here is one that really stood out to me and I just adore the simplicity of the floral nail art!



Have you ever dropped/destroyed a bottle of nail polish?
My wooden flooring has seen many splatters of dropped polish over the years and have destroyed maybe 1 or 2 bottles.


What do you like to do besides nail art?
Along with my love for nail art, I highly enjoy creating content for my beauty blog and Youtube channel. When the weather is nice, I like to adventure out into nature and go geocaching. Geocaching is the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website. It’s a really great way to explore around and is something that’s both adult and children friendly!


What’s your favorite thing to do on a lazy day?
Curling up in bed with some snacks and Netflix!


Favorite Social Platform?
I would have to say my favorite social platform would be Instagram. It’s the first social platform that really took off for me and have had the pleasure of meeting a ton of wonderful people through it!


Your other social handles:
You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and on Facebook

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  • Elena on Oct 30, 2017

    Thank you so much for putting this together and honoured to have been featured on your blog!

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