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Meet A Heroine: Our Giphy Artist Helen

by Autumn Delosreyes |

Your real name and Instagram handle:
Helen Bucher

Where are you from?

I'm from beautiful Switzerland

What got you into creating art?

I was always drawing, since I was a child. Don't remember what got me into it, but I loved creating worlds and characters.

Your favorite kind of design style to do?

I like creating flat designs with simple shapes and clean lines.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?
I already was there a few times, but I would and will go there again and again - Japan
I just love their pop-culture which inspires and influences me a lot in my work.
Also the food is very delicious, the buildings are beautiful and it's great to see how they respect each other.

(As far as I could experience it)

Other artists you admire?
On top of all is Brittney Lee. She is a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios and creates amazing papercut work.

And also Joey Chou is one of my all time favorite. He's a great illustrator with the cutest style.

What do you like to do besides creating gifs?
I draw a lot and started to run my own little online shop on etsy, where I sell prints, enamel pins, stickers, etc.

Another big passion of mine is photography - love to take portraits of people and also use it to get my products shots for my shop.

Do you speak any other languages?

I speak swiss german, german and english

Favorite Social Platform?

Instagram! :)

Your other social handles:
I'm just active on instagram
but I also have my portfolio
and my shop

This or That?
Captain America or Thor? Thor
Vacation or Staycation? Vacation
Rap or Rock? Rock
Light or Dark? Light
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Ocean or River? Ocean
Makeup or Natural? A Natural Makeup :)
Iphone or Android? IPhone
Red or Pink? Pink
Cats or Dogs? Cats

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