Meet a Heroine: Shanna, founder and CEO of

Your real name and Instagram handle:

Shanna / @glittr

Where are you from?


What got you into doing nails?

I used to always get my nails done at the salon, French tips every time! I thought it looked so classy and sophisticated  🙈 But one day I thought I’d like to start painting them again myself, so I started painting over my gels and then eventually stopped getting gel altogether. As I was quite proud of my little nail art creations, I wanted a space to share them, which is when I started my IG account. That’s where I discovered there was a whole nail art community out there doing just the same as me and I loved it!

Your favorite kind of nail art design to do?

Definitely has to be a good old leopard print in any color combo, gets me every time.

A nail polish shade you couldn’t live without?

A nice nude or a “your nails but better” color, which for my skin tone would be Nude Attitude or Between The Sheets – goes with everything and instantly makes your nails look pretty and clean.

Other nail artist(s) you admire?

I have met so many amazing nail artists over IG I couldn’t count them all, but some of my own absolute faves are @melcisme (my nail bestie since day 1!), @justagirlandhernails, @manicure.d, @paulinaspassions, @caramellogram, @nail_art_by_tal, @glitterfingersss, @lieve91, @betina_goldstein and basically every amazing creator has worked with - and I still love discovering new creators all the time!

What do you like to do besides nail art?

Sadly, I like to clean  😂 but I also like to bake. I used to love doing nail art but have unfortunately found less and less time to do it, so I will mostly be seen wearing just a plain color or have gone back to doing gel nails that last me a couple of weeks without having to redo them. I'm currently wearing Lovesick!

How and why did you start

My husband who watched me do my nails and buy all the new releases from all my favorite brands over the years kept saying “you could totally make your own polish, you know?”, so one day we just did and came up with the idea for! My main goal was to get the nail art community involved somehow because it was my favorite part of doing nails. Which is why always gets the community involved in naming the new shades and choosing the colors for the next collection!

What kind of nail art do you find the most difficult to do?

Watermarble for sure. It’s always been my nemesis and to this day it’s always a surprise if it comes out well  😂 Not that I have attempted it in a while…! I’ve never mastered the art of getting the polishes to spread right and the design onto my nails so it looks cute, plus it’s just so damn messy – but it also looks so cool! I used to be obsessed with @mucking_fusser and her stunning designs!

Which is your favorite shade?

Don’t make me pick a favorite child!!  😅 But if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Wine At Midnight. It’s the shade I go for the most, I love this dark shade of red because it just goes with anything and looks really classy. Also, it looks great on anyone! But Lovesick from the recent Winter Wishes collection is a close second, I looove this berry red for this time of year!

Which is your favorite collection?

Has to be the Dream Cremes! Even though I don't wear pastels often, they are just so pretty to look at and since their launch 3 years ago still our most popular collection! I didn't add a pastel yellow at the time because I wasn't sure if people would be interested since yellow is a shade not worn too much (I feel like), but so many people asked for it, so we came out with Lemonade in our Summer Delights collection and it makes the perfect addition!


Favorite Social Platform?

Instagram! But I love a good TikTok... 

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