Nail Art For Beginners - Brush Strokes

Constantly seeing super cute nail art but afraid to try it yourself because it looks so complicated? Here are some super simple designs you can create with just the brush of your nail polish, no extra tools needed! 




This design by @25sweetpeas using Peek-a-blue is so pretty and so simple to do. Just paint your base color, wait for it to dry and then apply a smaller brush stroke down the middle in a different color. And repeat! You can choose any color combination you like and just go for it!


 Here is another cute pastel version of this mani using Lilac It, Empower-mint, White Noise, Peek-a-blue and Royal Blood. The strokes are placed a little differently, overlapping each other slightly instead of being right on top of each other, which is another cool effect you can create. For this mani @holotastic.nails also added some black dots and gold accents, but you could also leave these out and the mani would still be super cute.


Here is another more summery version of this mani where @katten.nails used brighter colors like Bubblegum, In A Haze and White Noise to create a similar brush stroke mani - so fun!



Another design you only need the brush of your polish for are these cute heart shaped tips like @claudia_hrnandez did here. Just swipe the brush from the outside of the nail downwards to the inside, creating this pretty heart shape at the tip. Claudia used Heat Wave and Bubblegum, but you could totally do this with any color and it would look so good!



 Another cool effect you can do with the brush of your nail polish is the dry brush technique. For this just run your brush along the inside rim of the bottle and take off as much polish as possible. This will leave only enough polish to create this faded brush stroke effect on the nails. For the mani above @justagirlandhernails used a base of Sugar Spun and went with Silver Linings for her dry brush effect on top! 


Here is another cool version by @lalalovenailart using two colors going in different directions for the brush stroke over a base of Bubblegum, creating a slight gingham effect!


@gotnail did the same in this mani and used Lights Out and Silver Linings to create brush strokes ging vertically and horizontally over Mean Girl and then topping it all off with our matte topcoat Her Matte-jesty - so cool!


 Will you be trying any of these brush stroke nail art techniques? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Women Fashion on Apr 21, 2021

    The pink nail art is just so pretty. I really liked each and every one of them. these simple nail art designs are prefect for beginners. Thanks for sharing.

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