Nail Art for Beginners - Dots

It might sound simple, but you can create some amazing nail art designs just using dots! If you have no idea where to start, we'll show you how to create your own dotting tool and some great dot manis to give try!


If you think you won't even be able to try this because you don't have a dotting tool at home, don't fret! You can simply make your own! Here are three options:

  1. If you have a regular pin at home, stick the pointy end into the eraser on the end of a pencil and use the other side of the needle to dip into polish and create tiny dots on your nail.
  2. You can also use push pins that have a round bobble on the end to create bigger dots.
  3. Old pens that have run out of ink can easily be used to dip into your polish as well.
  4. Bobby pins that have lost their grip can be bent to be straight and the rounded ends work perfectly for creating dots.


So now you have your home made tools, let's get into some inspo!


Let's start with this super simple but striking design by @onehundredbrushes where she used dots to set some accents. We love this color combo of neon dots in Mean Girl and Touch Me Not over a simple base of Lilac It.


Another cute and easy design is a simple dotticure like this one! In this mani @justagirlandhernails used all of the polishes from our Nude Romantics collection and different sized dots to create this cool look! 


Here is another version using different sized and colored dots to create a pattern, like this cool circular one by @melcisme over our black polish, Lights Out. How awesome does this design look mattified?!



You can also create this cool gradient effect like @nailsanatomy did using our Cocktail Club Trio and just dot the different shades around fading them out as you get higher on your nail bed. Of course you can use any selection of shades to create this effect!


An easy but cute design made up out of dots? Florals! Just create a circle of dots and put another dot in a different color in the middle and ta-da, you have yourself the easiest floral mani you could wish for! How beautiful is this design by @manicure.d using In A Haze?


And of course we can't forget about the classic leopard print, which is essentially created with uneven dots! For this neutral version @glittr used Bare Minimum to create some bigger dots of dark nude and then went around them with Lights Out to create a black outline and some random dots to fill in the space in between. This works perfectly over this base of Nude Attitude and the best thing about these dots is they don't need to be perfect - it's even better if they are uneven, which makes the leopard print so easy-peasy!


If you're feeling colorful, you can create a gradient dot effect like @shannasnailadventures did here, using a base of Lilac It and the same technique as mentioned above for the leopard print. Use a darker shade of purple at the top and start using lighter shades of the same color as you move down the nail. Then add the black outlines again and you have a cool purple gradient!


Or you can go full on neon, like @glittr did here using Sublime, White Noise and Lights Out


Will you be trying any of these dot manis? Or do you have more ideas on how to create your own dotting tool at home? Let us know in the comments below!


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