Pastel Christmas Nail Art Pictorial

Not feeling the traditional holiday colors? Why not try this super pretty pastel version? Sarah from @25sweetpeas created this adorable look step by step for you to recreate, so off we go!


Hi everyone! It's Sarah of 25 Sweetpeas! I’m super excited to be guest posting over here on the blog. Christmas is right around the corner so I thought I would share some rather simple Christmas-y nails that you can do yourself for the big day! :) I’m going to be creating a minimalist Holly Christmas Design accented with some of my nail polishes!


Base Coat
Shiny or Matte Top Coat


A Light Pink Polish - Sugar Spun
A Light Green or Mint Polish - Empower-mint
A Rose Gold Metal/Glitter/Foil Polish - Rosé All Day

For the Art : 
A Dotting Tool or Tooth Pick
A thin Nail art brush 
Acrylic Paint in a green, red, and white

First off as with every manicure you need to make sure your nail bed is all good and clean and prepped for a mani. If you have some extra time this would be the perfect time to treat yourself to a lil sugar scrub and some cuticle oil! After that is done, wipe your nail bed clear with some nail polish remover and apply your base coat. 
After that I want you to start painting your base colors! Above here you can see a layout of the mani we are going to create, so just paint each nail your desired color combo and let them dry. 


Once all of your nails are dry let's get to the art! Today I will be showing you the process on my thumb nail, but its the same thing you do on whatever nail you would like the holly on!


Using red acrylic paint and a medium sized dotting tool, or a toothpick and place 3 red dots on the corner of your nail like shown above.


Now using a thin nail art brush paint on your holly leaves with green acrylic paint! If you don’t have a brush no biggie! You can use a toothpick and do it just as well! :) 


Now that your holly is almost complete, make sure it's dry, and then use some white paint and give your berries little shine lines like shown above! After that let everything dry. Once all is dry, apply your choice of top coat, it looks great both matte or shiny, and then enjoy your festive mani!


Rather simple right?! I hope you enjoyed this mani, and I hope you give it a go! 
Thanks so much to for having me today! Its been fun and I hope you all have a wonderful, and safe Holiday season!
Happy Holidays!
~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah



WIll you be giving this beautiful pastel Christmas mani a go?

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