St. Patrick's Day Mani Pictorial

Hi, this is Jessica aka @lalalovenailart. I absolutely lalalove holiday nail art! I put together a super easy St. Patrick's Day pictorial for you to try out.

Products used:
Nail striping tape
Nail art brush

Fast drying topcoat


Step One:

Paint base polish - Sublime, White Noise & Golden Hour - then apply fast drying topcoat. Let dry.

Step Two:

Once nails are dry apply striping tape on accent nail. Apply Golden Hour over and remove tape immediately. 

Step Three:

Paint 3 mini hearts with Golden Hour & nail art brush.

Step Four:

Connect hearts together & add stem to complete shamrock.

Step Five:

Apply fast drying topcoat.

Step Six (optional):

Apply Her Matte-jesty Matte Topcoat



What will you be wearing on your nails this St. Patrick's Day? Tell us below! And be sure to tag us in your #heroinenyc manis on Instagram!

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