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St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Tutorial

by Autumn Delosreyes |

Hi! Autumn here from @justagirlandhernails! I put together a pictorial for an easy St. Patrick’s Day mani that I hope you’ll try out!


Here are all the items you’ll need:
Top Coat
Acrylic paint
Makeup sponge
Dotting tool

Nail art brush


Step 1:

Paint your base colors. I started with Empower-mint, Gold Digger, & White Noise


Step 2:

Take your makeup sponge and paint a couple of coats on each side with Empower-mint & Sublime


Step 3:

Sponge on your nails (Tip: As you sponge, move slightly up and down the length of your nails to get the colors to blend)


Step 4:

Using your dotting tool and green acrylic paint, make 4 dots that touch so it looks like a 4-leafed clover. Repeat over your nails to create an evenly spaced out pattern


Step 5:

Using your nail art brush and green acrylic paint, add stems to your clovers


Step 6:

Take your nail art brush and acrylic paint and draw a thin line to start the rainbow on your pinky


Step 7:

Complete the rainbow by painting with the rest of your colors


Step 8:

Finish with your favorite top coat



And there you have it, a simple but cute St. Patrick’s Day mani! If you liked this tutorial and decide to recreate it please tag me on Instagram so I can see!

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