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Meet A Heroine: Christine from @chrisslypaws

January 15 2019

Today on Meet A Heroine, we talk to Christine from @chrisslypaws about what got her into nails and we play a fun game of this or that!

Meet A Heroine: Yamile from @sensationails4u

December 27 2018

Meet Yamile from @sensationails4u and find out what got her started on her nail journey and what she says is her most memorable Christmas gift!

Meet A Heroine: Ashley from @the_polished_life

November 29 2018

Ashley from @the_polished_life shares with us her all-time favorite manicures and tells us about her favorite activities, besides nails of course!

Meet A Heroine: Shanna from @shannasnailadventures

October 17 2018

For this month's Meet A Heroine feature, we talked to Shanna from @shannasnailadventures! Check out her favorite nail art and what she loves most about fall!

Meet A Heroine: Jess from @polishedjess

September 06 2018

Meet Jess from @polishedjess and find out what her most memorable summer vacay was and see her absolute favorite mani's!

Meet A Heroine: Paulina from @paulinaspassions

August 14 2018

Paulina from @paulinaspassions tells us what her favorite summertime activity is and shares her favorite kind of nail art!

Meet A Heroine: Anja from @anikibee

July 12 2018

Meet Anja from @anikibee and find out what her favorite polish is and what she loves to do - besides nails of course!

Meet A Heroine: Frida from @nailartbyfrida

June 15 2018

We talked to Frida of @nailartbyfrida and she tells us what keeps her nails so healthy and which nail art blow's people's minds!

Meet A Heroine: Bethany from @housewifenails

May 07 2018

Meet Bethany of @housewifenails! Read about what got Bethany into nails, what her favorite shade of polish is, and learn about her pride and joy: her children!

Meet A Heroine: Claire from @clairestelle8

April 05 2018

Meet Claire from @clairestelle8! She"s known for her love of neons, gradients, and Tom Hardy but we won't say in what order! Find out what else she loves besides nail art!

Meet A Heroine: Melissa from @melcisme

March 06 2018

Meet Melissa from @melcisme! Find out what got her into nails and what her signature nail art design is!

Meet a Heroine: Sarah from @25sweetpeas

January 19 2018

Meet Sarah and learn what got her into nail art and which is her number one nail care tip!

Meet a Heroine: Nina Park from @ninanailedit

December 20 2017

Meet Nina Park, the nail artist behind @ninanailedit and read about why she started doing her nails and where she gets her inspiration from!

Meet a Heroine: Elena from @nailexperiments

October 30 2017

Meet Elena, a nail artist from Toronto who...

Meet a Heroine: Jessie from @heyitsjessie.k

July 19 2017

Meet the lovely Jessie, who is known for her gorgeous geometric nail art designs and general awesomeness!

Meet a Heroine: Jessica from @lalalovenailart

June 23 2017

Jessica, the queen of gradients from Southern California, tells us what she loves about NYC and what her biggest nail pet peeve is!