The Best Facials to Try this Spring

by Holly Barry


As spring approaches, we often go through the feel-good ritual of spring-cleaning our lives - from home improvements, to a new exercise routine and diet, to ditching the chunky knits that we are so tired of and buying fresh new clothes suited to the warmer weather.

The media provides endless inspiration for rejuvenation. Glossy magazines display the new spring fashions. Travel companies advertise the latest deals. Brands use the power of Instagram influencers by showcasing the latest diet and fitness trends as people begin to think about becoming beach-ready for their summer holiday.

Our skin is also on the list for much needed spring rejuvenation. As we begin to use less artificial light as the days get longer and brighter, we may also begin to wear less makeup and take a critical look at our sun-deprived skin in the natural spring light. We want to see healthy, glowing, clear, dewy and even toned skin in the daylight - but how do we purge the winter from our pores to obtain this fresh-faced holy grail?


Repair - Book a Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation relates to the different levels of melanin in your skin which determine the colour. If damaged, skin can have light or dark patches. Pigmentation can be caused by sun damage, acne or changes in hormones.

Sufferers can become particularly self-conscious during the spring and summer months as heavy foundations are uncomfortable to wear in warmer weather. Luckily, there are peel treatments out there without the need for any surgical intervention!

Chemical peels are extremely safe and designed to remove the outer layers of dead skin cells, in turn removing the discolouration of skin. The peels will also boost collagen production, encouraging new cells to grow. Your skin will be touchably softer after this treatment.


Renew - Consider Micro-needling for a Collagen Boost

For a spring skin overhaul try micro-needling which breathes new life into dull, sallow winter skin. The scientific concept behind micro-needling is that of controlled trauma to the skin.

This sounds alarming, but it is in fact rather clever. Teeny tiny needles are gently rolled over the skin, creating teeny tiny punctures which trigger the body’s natural healing response. Your skin will immediately reboot to renew skin cells, stimulate elastin, and produce collagen.

These tiny punctures also allow topical serums to be absorbed more easily into the skin - yet another benefit! Micro-needling can transform your skin - fade scars, reduce lines, plump the skin and renew the overall appearance and texture.


Revitalise - Combine the Big Three

For the ultimate spring facial, you can combine micro-needling, light therapy and a plant based brightening peel. Signature K combines all these treatments for a holistic approach to revitalising your winter complexion. Each stage of the treatment will address individual skin problems you may have to tailor the treatment to you.

This facial is ideal for those whose skin may be suffering environmental damage or those with tired and neglected skin. This facial with also provide a collagen boost to fade fine lines and wrinkles.


Refresh - Deep Clean Your Pores

TheraClear is the ideal treatment for acne sufferers and can be used on the back and chest as well as the face. Acne becomes more of a problem in spring when sufferers become anxious about showing more skin as the weather gets warmer. Covering up acne with layers of foundation and clothes can only make it worse in the hot sun.

TheraClear basically is a super skin vacuum which targets blocked pores with a mighty suction. A blue light IPL then destroys the bacteria, focusing on the sebaceous gland and preventing further production of excess sebum. 6-8 treatments are usually needed, so starting the treatment at the start of spring is ideal ahead of that summer holiday. Let the sunshine in!


Restore - Achieve Younger-looking Skin with Microdermabrasion

If you have clogged pores, uneven skin tone or fine lines then you can restore your skin with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a super-exfoliator that removes dead skin cells. By removing this upper layer of cells (the stratum corneum), the body quickly works to restore it, replacing the old skin cells with new, healthy ones.

There are microdermabrasion kits and cloths that you can buy and use at home, but for professional results, book a salon. The professional microdermabrasion machines are more powerful than anything you can use at home. The salon machines buff and polish your sallow winter skin using fine crystals or a diamond tip and many machines then suction the old skin cells away to restore your naturally beautiful skin.


Relax - Get a Facial Massage

One thing that the skin experts all say works wonders for a healthy skin is face massage.

Make massage part of your daily routine and gently massage in your daily moisturizers and skin creams - it doesn’t matter which way you do it - gentle circular motions stimulate the skin. Facial oils are fabulous and those with oily skin must not shy away from them. Many of the facial oils on the market smell heavenly too, providing aromatherapy at the same time.

Celebrity facial guru Nichola Joss offers facial massages at her Covent Garden salon popular with Meghan Markle and Kate Moss. The massage process relaxes you while energising those lazy winter facial muscles, while bringing back the vivre and vitality of dormant, dull skin.


Do you like to get facials? If so, tell us about your favorite methods below!

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