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The season to sparkle is coming up, so we wanted to make a post about our one of our favorite things: glitter polish!


Watch Me Sparkle and Gold Digger shown by @justagirlandhernails




Full on glitter mani by @secretlifeofnails


  The holo gorgeousness in Watch Me Sparkle shown by @anikibee



Another stunning full on glitter mani by @themermaidpolish 



Our Top Tips for using Glitter Polish


  • Our glitter polishes already have a great coverage when applied with the polish brush, but for maximum impact (or less dense packed glitters) use a little make up sponge to apply the polish on to your nail! Just paint the polish on to a corner of the sponge, which will then absorb the excess clear base, and dab the glitter on to your nails!


  • When using this dabbing method, make sure to cover the skin around your nails to help with cleaning up, we all know glitter is super hard to get rid of and can stay with you for days or even weeks.. to prevent this, either use a liquid latex barrier you can paint on to the skin around your nails like a nail polish or if you want to be less fancy but just as effective: use sellotape to tape around your nail.


  • Removing glitter polish can be just as challenging as applying it. To make it easier, soak your cotton pad in remover, press it on to your nail firmly and hold for 30-60 seconds before wiping the polish off your nail. This will help dissolve the polish and get the glitter off in one swift movement, rather than shredding your cotton pad with the glitter particles and getting them everywhere while scrubbing at your nail.





Gold Digger in all its sparkly glory shown by @jennpaddict1


Another gorgeous close up showing the holo in this polish by @anikibee


Awesome drip mani by @justagirlandhernails



Which one is your fave, Watch Me Sparkle or Gold Digger?

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