The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Countdown

By: Holly Barry

The idea that all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day can be intimidating. Although it is important to remember that your husband loves you just the way you are, when the nerves take over, one of the ways in which you can gain inner confidence before the big day is to prepare a results-driven beauty routine.

Ideally, you’ll want to start your beauty countdown a year before the wedding day as some treatments can take a while before you benefit from the results.



12 - 9 Months Before
Start a Fitness Routine
Now is the time to start a fitness routine. If you wait until later to tone up you will regret it. This is a process which should be taken gently and at a steady pace to see lasting results. If you leave it too late, an overnight miracle will not happen - no matter how frantically you pace on that treadmill as the day approaches!
Start by talking to a professional at your local gym who can devise a healthy fitness plan for you and show you exercises for the areas you want to focus on toning.
Exercise will also improve your mental well-being before the big day. Organising a wedding can be stressful and by taking up a yoga class or getting into the boxing ring - finding an activity that makes you feel happy will also make you feel relaxed.
Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life so naturally you will be smiling and laughing while the wedding photographer acts like a paparazzo capturing every happy shot. We can guarantee your jaw will ache at the end of the day from grinning so much!
If you feel self-conscious about your smile and have always wanted to get your teeth straightened - now is the time! Take a look at Invisalign braces which are clear plates that fit to your teeth and gradually straighten them without the need for train tracks.
Hair Styling
If you are thinking about getting a new hairstyle, now is the time to experiment with enough time before the big day to make changes or grow a style out. Ideally, don’t change your style too much - you want to look like you on the big day!
Think about the health of your hair - damaged hair looks unsightly and is difficult to style. Now is the time to start taking a hair supplement and make sure that you put on a weekly hair mask to hydrate your hair.
If you colour your hair, ask your hairdresser to include Olaplex in the mix to protect your hair as they colour it.
If you style your hair with hair straighteners or a hairdryer, you need to start a strict routine of using a hair protector spray to prevent your hair from breaking.
Laser Hair Removal

If you begin laser hair removal at this stage, you will be perfectly smooth for the honeymoon. By getting your hair removed by laser treatment, you will avoid shaving rashes, razor nicks or exfoliating your spray tan before the big day.



9-6 Months Before
A Skincare Routine
You have been telling yourself to do it for is the time to take your mother’s advice and invest in a proper skincare routine!
A natural look is always a winner for a bride - just look at Meghan Markle! For the natural look you will need to tackle any skin problems you may have so that on your wedding day you don’t need a thick layer of foundation.
It helps to begin by determining your skin type, and then fitting in a regular facial with a professional from now until a few weeks before the big day. Make sure you don’t have a facial too near the day itself as facials bring out impurities which can cause spots.
Science tells us that the single most important feature of your face is your eyebrows - in fact, you are unrecognizable without them!
With this in mind, it is worth making an appointment with a professional who will be able to see the most flattering shape for your face. At this point in your wedding beauty schedule you can start growing them out if need be.

If you have over-plucked as a teenager, don’t despair, there are growth accelerators on the market and you have enough time to use them at this stage in your countdown.



6-4 Months Before
Make-up Trial
You need to book in some make-up trials to find the make-up artist that you feel happy with. The make-up artist will need to experiment with different colours for your skin tone and hair colour. Bring along some false eyelashes if you want to try some different lash looks.
Bear in mind that the artist will know that the make-up needs to last all day, even through tears of happiness and hitting the dancefloor! As a result, the make-up may be a little heavier than you are used to so that it stays on and looks good in photos.
Don’t forget to ask what make-up brands the make-up artist uses as some use just one brand and others use a mix. If you have a favourite brand it can make you feel reassured if the make-up artist uses it too. If you have favourite products, bring your make-up bag and ask the artist to apply them expertly.
Remember that your husband wants to see you walking down the aisle so don’t differ too greatly from your usual look.
Wedding Hair Trial
Some brides prefer to have their regular hairdresser style their hair on their big day, however many prefer the styling to be done by a hairdresser who specialises in wedding hair as it’s a very technical skill set.

If you are choosing a wedding hair expert, then meet with a few before you make a decision. Ask to see their wedding portfolio and for references. Take a few photos of styles that you like from magazines so that the stylist can get an idea of what you would like, too. Booking a few hair trials is recommended so that you can see what the styles look like before the wedding. And be sure to ask someone to take photos of the finished look so that you can see the results from all angles.



2-1 Month Before
Lash Extensions
Now is the time to experiment with lash extensions which save the bother of false lashes on the big day. You will need to visit again a week before the wedding to get a top up for those lashes you have shed.
It is vital that your deodorant works well and doesn’t stain your dress or react with your skin. Wedding nerves can make you sweat more and your skin sensitive and more likely to react.
Try Aurelia botanical cream deodorant which is a cream-to-powder formula with no harsh chemicals. The light scent won’t overpower your wedding day perfume.
Teeth Whitening
Visit your local dentist to ask about teeth whitening and get yourself booked in! A wedding day is special, so worth the cost of a professional treatment rather than a messy kit at home.
Fake Tan

Experiment with different fake tan brands and how long they last so that you know when to apply before the big day. Ideally you would want to get a professional to do it so that no area is accidentally missed. Make sure that the brand of fake tan doesn’t transfer to clothing (especially a white dress!).


1 Week Before

Flotation Tank
If you are lacking in sleep due to nerves or a busy schedule, try a flotation tank experience to gain some sleep time back!
De-stress with an aromatherapy massage to ease any anxieties away.
Eat Well
Make sure you eat well to boost your energy and immune system!
Book in a trim to keep the ends tidy.

Book in a nail gel appointment so you don’t have to worry about chips. A french manicure is the popular choice for brides - but maybe you are wearing bright pink heels under your wedding dress and want to match your nails as a bit of fun! You could also match your nail colour to the bridesmaids’ dresses.



The Day Of
Have a refreshing shower when you wake up on your wedding morning with some calming lavender shower gel and follow this with a substantial and healthy breakfast - it’s hard to find a moment to eat on your wedding day so a hearty breakfast will give you the sustenance you need.
After a year of beauty preparation, you will be ready to shine - enjoy!

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