Tie Dye Nail Art Pictorial

This weeks guest posts is by Bethany from @housewifenails on Instagram, showing you a step by step guide on how to create this cute tie dye nail art - enjoy!



Hi! I'm Bethany, AKA housewifenails, and I have a slight obsession with nail polish. Okay, I have a full blown obsession and turned our guest room into my own personal nail studio (everyone loves​ the smell of nail polish, right??), but let me pretend it's not an addiction---just an obsession! Got it? Great! 😁


I always say that nail art found me, and it's brought me so much fun and entertainment in the past two and a half years! Hopefully this easy step-by-step pictorial gives you the inspiration to try some art for yourself. The best part about tie dye art is that the messier it is, the better it looks! Let's get into it!




Materials you'll need:

Heroine NYC's White Noise
Heroine NYC's Dream Cremes
Top coat (I'm using Sweet and Sour Lacquer's Gloss Sauce)



Step 1

Paint your nails with a solid white nail polish. This will allow the colors you use in your tie dye to really pop! Let this dry completely before moving on to step two or you could dent it with your toothpick.


Step 2

Map out your pattern with dots. I like the look of a regular spiral, but feel free to get creative and have fun! You can do straight lines, a heart shape if you're feeling fancy, or simply start from somewhere other than the center point with your spiral. Try not to stab your nail with the toothpick; just use a light surface touch to avoid breaking into the white base.


Bonus tip

Apply a small drop of polish to a white piece of paper and dip the toothpick into that for painting. Don't forget to swipe off the semi-dry polish from the tip of the toothpick or your lines will start to get a little too thick. Do this between colors or when you feel the lines are wider than you'd prefer.


Step 3

Using light and choppy strokes, connect your dots, leaving a little open space showing. I usually make a small dot, lightly pull it outward, dip back into my polish, then repeat until I've completed that color all the way around. If you find your little polish blob is getting thick and stringy, simply start a new blob with some fresh polish!


Step 4

Repeat dotting process on the outer part of your spiral (or wherever you see fit if you went a different route). 


Step 5

Repeat the line process. Don't be afraid to overlap the colors a little bit! That's the beauty of the tie dye effect.


Step 6

Repeat dot/line steps with your next color on the inner part of your spiral. I prefer to alternate which side I'm adding the next color to because the finished look is more uniform. If you kept going on the outside, your inner spiral would close up and you wouldn't have anywhere to go when you got to that spot.


Step 7

If you filled up your spiral already, that's great! Move on to the last step. If you've got more space, repeat dot/line on the outside.


Step 8

Repeat final dot/line on the inner spiral. Again, if you're out of space just scroll right on down to the next and final step!


Step 9

**If you need to clean up your work a little, you can dip a small brush into pure acetone and swipe away any polish that ended up on your skin or flooded into your crevices. I don't have pictures of this because I'm prefect and never need to clean up my work! HA! Kidding. I'm actually a total slob and that would not have been too pretty in pictures for you so I cleaned up along the way, but it's usually one big cleaning spree at the end for me!
Seal in your work with a glossy (or matte if you're feeling edgier) top coat. This step is absolutely my favorite! Everything comes to life with top coat--it's so strangely satisfying. 


Step 10


Prepare yourself for random people grabbing your hands asking where you get your nails done. Brag about how you did them yourself, give a hair flip, and walk away sassily. Is that a word? But really. Prepare yourself because you'll legit have people in awe of your skills! And don't get me started on how they react when you tell them you did it with a toothpick. Minds. Blown.




So, that wasn't really a step, but pretend one more time with me (remember: obsessed, not addicted) that it was. I needed to let you know what was coming!
Annnnd that is all! In all reality, you probably spent more time reading how to do this than the actual amount of time it takes to do this. It's easier than it looks, and I love art that gives you that effect!
I really hope you enjoyed this quick (lol jk) pictorial! The Dream Cremes are perfect for this look and there are so many other ways they can be used. Heck, they're absolutely perfect just on their own if you're not into the art game! I've got a soft spot for pastels year round, so I know I'll be reaching for these often. #topshelfstatus
-Bethany @housewifenails

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  • Bigtoeonthego on Aug 31, 2017

    I love your nails. I hope to have my nail look that good one day. #blessed

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