Tips On Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Time to hop on the new year, new me train and set some goals! Resolutions are a great excuse to improve your life, attitude, and environment but a little less than half of people quit on them by February. But no worries, we’ve got some great tips on keeping those resolutions below!


Keep it simple and realistic.

Coming up with new year’s resolutions can be a grand task, especially during this time of year when everyone feels pressured to overhaul their entire life. But setting unachievable goals is a surefire way to fail. Think of specific things you would like to achieve – save $50 per month instead of become a millionaire, for example – and the pressure will be lifted which will lead to that extra boost of motivation. Setting micro-goals will make the process easier in the long run!


Set a time-frame and track your progress.

A huge part of sticking to your resolutions is to set a time-frame of when you want to achieve them. It’s a way to keep you accountable and as a bonus when you hit that deadline and have succeeded, it feels that much better. A great way to stay on track is to keep a log of your progress! When you can physically see the steps you’ve taken, whether they were forward or backward, it can help you understand what you need to do. Motivational dream boards or scrap books are a good way to keep you going as well!


Reward yourself.

When you’ve had success in keeping your resolutions or achieving micro-goals, it’s important that you’re reminded of how far you’ve come. Treating yourself is a great way to do that and reinforce that what you are doing is for you. Just don’t use the opportunity as a splurge moment – eating too many treats after hitting a diet goal or making a huge purchase after padding your savings isn’t the idea. Reward yourself by doing something that makes you happy and makes you proud of your progress!


Don’t give up if you’ve faltered.

Slip-ups are inevitable, that’s just part of life! But don’t let it discourage you. If you take a step back or if outside forces that you can’t control take over – just make sure you recognize that it’s simply a speed bump in the long road to success. Take back control in whatever way you can and continue with your goals the next day. One small mistake isn’t going to mark the end of your journey to achieving your resolutions!

We want to know what resolutions you’ve set for 2019! Tell us about them below!

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