What to do for Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22nd, 2020!

And it's its 50th anniversary, too!


Obviously, every day should be Earth Day. But if you've been waiting for the right moment to start being more sustainable and environmentally conscious, it's a pretty perfect day to start. We've put together a few things you can do on Earth Day to honor our lovely planet - and maybe even try to continue and develop into habits!




Go for a walk on your closest beach, woods or park and pick up all the litter you see along the way. If it's a place you frequent often, it's like protecting your own little home. Just grab a bag and some gloves on your way out the front door and start collecting, then empty the bag into a bin when you're done. And while you're out and about you can admire our beautiful earth!



Meat production has one of the biggest environmental impacts: land is deforested to raise cattle for consumption, huge amounts of pesticides, fertilizer, fuel, feed and water are needed to produce it which then leads to greenhouse gases, manure and toxic chemicals being released into our air and water.

Try and go a day without eating meat (it's surprisingly easy, promise!) and if you're feeling confident, try going vegan! And once you see that both aren't actually that hard if you make a little effort, why not try and keep it up? See how long you can go and mark it down in your calendar for motivation. You can also check out The Vegetarian Calculator and/or The Vegan Calculator which will show you how much water, CO2 emissions and animal lives you have saved so far - if that isn't motivation what is?! 



Single use plastic is unnecessary waste that takes hundreds of years to degrade. And while it does, it is ingested by marine life which causes them to starve to death because they thought they were eating food, or get tangled up in plastic, resulting in a slow and painful death. And for what?

Actively make the choice not to use plastic straws, bottles, to go cups or other single use plastic items that get chucked after just one use. Maybe this is the perfect day to buy a set of reusable straws for your home which you have been meaning to do for so long! While you're at it, get a really nice refillable water bottle and coffee to go cup, too. Pick ones you really like so it will motivate you to actually use them!



If you're not ready to make a huge change or don't think it will make a difference if you alone change your habits - use the day to educate yourself on the matter. Have a google or watch a documentary about the environmental challenges we are facing and how you can help to save our planet. Don't believe that only you trying will not make a difference, it really does! And information is power, so if you are changing your habits, you can influence the people around you to change, too! And suddenly it's not only you who is making an impact.


Here are a few great documentaries you can watch on Netflix:
The Cowspiracy, A Plastic Ocean, Before The Flood




If you've been super busy and the day just passed you by (we totally understand, it happens!) consider making a donation to an organization that is working hard to save our planet. Here are a few great ones, but feel free to do your own research:
Greenpeace, Rainforest Alliance, Ocean Conservatory.




Check out our blog post on 5 small ways to make an environmental difference for more ideas on how you can help our planet!


To find out more about Earth Day, check out the Earth Day Website



Photos by Elena MozhviloBrian YurasitsAlexandra AnderssonLayne HarrisNick Morrison and Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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