Happy International Women’s Day

Today we mark International Women’s Day and celebrate freedom, individuality, and self-empowerment. Let’s be loud and proud as we press for progress in gender equality. Because this is a special day, you should take some time out and pamper yourself, because, well, you totally deserve it.
What about wearing your #InternationalWomensDay support on the tips of your fingers this year via some powerful shades? We’ve selected shades that make you feel strong and powerful, not just today, but all year long. Keep scrolling to get inspired!
Be bright!
Lilac IT is a bright lilac hue that puts the spotlight on you and your hands. Wear it with a business look and rock it at work today. Or as Beyonce would say: “Who runs the world? Girls!”.
Shout It Out!
If you want to make a statement, use the powerful Royal Blood to speak what’s on your mind: “I’m bold”, “I’m strong” and “I’m a queen”. Send this message to everyone out there whenever they look at your nails.
Stand out from the crowd!
Fearlessly express yourself with the punchy pink Mean Girl and be sure that you will stand out and be heard whenever you speak up. And remember, good girls can sometimes go wild (if it’s for a good reason).
Happy International Women’s Day, however you choose to celebrate. And don’t forget to visit our shop and treat yourself. It’s worth it and so are you!
#LoveYourself #ExpressYourself

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