Water Decal - Geometric Black
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Water decals are super easy to use and can make a manicure look like you invested loads of time, even if you didn't!

Just paint on your base color, cut out the piece of the decal you want to use, dip it in water for about 5 seconds and then slide the image off the backing paper and place it on your painted nail! Pat dry carefully with a makeup sponge or tissue and topcoat - voilà!


This specific decal works best over a white base or other lighter colors, but can generally be used over any base color.


This product contains one sheet of water decals containing 10 different sizes to fit all your nails. If a shape doesn't fit your nail perfectly, the edges can easily be trimmed using a small brush dipped in acetone or nail polish remover. Place the decal on your nail first, then clean away any excess.

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