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It’s in our human nature to like and buy products that we love, find helpful or want to include in our everyday life. We look at something, read about it or are subjected to a hype and immediately want to have it.

We all surround ourselves with things that we believe in and want to share with others.

It’s also become more and more important to know where the products we buy come from and what they contain, we are more conscious of our world, our health and our surroundings like we have ever been before.

So wouldn’t it be cool if you could get great products, that you even had a say in when they were designed? That you can support because your voice counted and you know what’s inside?

We at have decided to not only make great products for you, but with you!

We want you to be a part of our brand, a team! Tell us what you want to see and we will adapt your ideas to our products and/or make the according adjustments, so you can be as happy as possible with what you purchase!
Let us know what kind of content you want to see, what products you would be interested in, what direction you think our brand should move in! We want to be part of your lives as much as you are part of

Let’s inspire each other!

Another thing that is important to us, is to spread the love! So with every product we sell, we will donate a part of the net profits to charity - always!

Together we can support organizations that are dear to our heart and again we want to involve you as much as possible, because it’s only with your help that we can make a change and give back!

We’ve made the process super easy too: you buy, we donate!

So you don’t have to worry about anything and let us do the hard work!

We’ll keep you updated about the charity work we do together on our blog, so remember to check back and read some of our articles to put a smile on your face :)

Together, we can do anything and make this world a better place, polish by polish!

Be a part of it and be a heroine!

Our nail polish is non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan! It's is made in the USA and is considered 9-free, read more about what this means here.

Our goal is to make products that you will love and together we want to create the best possible products, for you and everyone else.